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Tax On Luxury Homes in Costa Rica

Many of our clients regularly request us information about how what are the brackets that make property owners to be subject to luxury tax for their homes in Costa Rica…

Costa Rica Taxes 101

Everything you need to know about taxes in Costa Rica, a summary with the most common facts that any foreign wonder when thinking on doing business here.

Check Out This Article About #CostaRica

The following post was published by “La Nacion”, a Costa Rican famous paperwork, it shows the progress made by CR in attracting and providing value for foreign investor firms and…

Shareholder Registry Due April 30th 2022

Any corporation in Costa Rica should file this requirement in order to avoid sanctions, the shareholder registry was implemented by the Central Bank of Costa Rica through the Tax Administration…

Costa Rican Taxes 101

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR TAXES IN COSTA RICA? The Costa Rican tax administrator in Costa Rica is ¨Ministerio de Hacienda¨, this institution is divided in three…

New tax form for inactive corporations

According to the tax Administration, March 15th, 2022 will be the deadline for the corporations with no economical activity for filing the now mandatory annual form declaring the assets, liabilities,…

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