Your Business Advisors In Costa Rica

Efficient finances can maximize the performance of any business, we know how important and valuable is to minimize your expenses and maximize your profits, having accurate and timely information that allows proper decision making. A wide range of services that fit the needs of your business operation and finances in Costa Rica.

¨We are not bookkeepers and tax accountants only, our focus in establishing long term relations with our customers and partners, and keeping our family of customers up to date with timely and honest information and diligence, encouraging sustainable growth and pursuing continuous search to new improvement opportunities make us different and competitive¨

Services Provided

General Accounting Providers

  • Registrations and paperwork at the Costa Rican Tax Administration
  • Book keeping services
  • Financial statements and analysis
  • KPI Dashboards
  • RTBF (shareholders registry) and other annual government requirements
  • SUGEF registry and compliance paperwork and planning for banking and central bank supervised entities
  • Recurrent and occasional audits

Business Setting, Management and Consultancy Services

  • Bank account management and advisory services
  • Assistance with banking paperwork and services
  • Social Security paperwork and reporting (CCSS and INS)
  • Payroll and RRHH management
  • CFO on demand
  • Business reviews and improvement
  • Supervision and monitoring

Tax Advisory & Planning

  • Filing of monthly, quarterly and annual tax forms and requirements
  • Property and luxury taxes
  • Capital gain taxes
  • Special taxes
  • US -CR Tax forms for special conditions
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Tax conflict resolution and mediation with the Tax Administration of Costa Rica
  • Best practices
  • Tax planning for holdings
  • Taxes for independent professionals
  • Paperwork for approval of tax exceptions

Our Strengths

  • Certified accountants and tax advisors, wide
  • +20 years of experience in accounting, finance and tax consultancy
  • Huge range of technical knowledge
  • Continuous training on new tax regulations
  • Wide variety of experience, all type of businesses
  • Highly capable consulting team
  • Excellent and extended background
  • Acquiring knowledge in tax advisory overseas
  • Connection with multiple business partners in America and Europe

Our team has high experience on upper management on financial entities, also participated in the tax administration of Costa Rica, acquiring experience and knowledge in the Costa Rican tax regulation, among our colleagues they’re head financial controllers at US based companies with a great capacity orchestrating the finances of big companies in Costa Rica as well.

“We always go above and beyond, we want yo make your life easier so you do what you´re best at.”

Ronald D Fallas – Founder

Learn More About Taxes In Costa Rica

We have made a summary about the taxes in Costa Rica, what are the most important things to know at the time of doing business in the country.

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