Starting on May 2021, ConsultantsCR Advisory Group became part of the Siri Advisory Alliance Program, contributing to an international network of independent firms each providing services under the brand name of Siri Advisory.

The locations of Siri Advisory include in it’s offices: The Netherlands – India – United Kingdom – Ukraine and alliance partners India – The Netherlands -Germany – Romania – Lebanon and last incorporation of Costa Rica office.

About Siri Advisory

Siri Advisory is a strategic financial consulting group with headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It facilitate companies to cross over and push their horizons. Their expertise in Strategic consulting, Corporate Finance and Post-Merger integration, guide businesses to achieve their visions and missions.


Strategic Consulting

  • Acquisition & Integration
  • Group Restructuring and Outsourcing Strategies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Finance Advisory

  • Taking Care of the Company Financial Needs For Allowing Owners to Focus on Their Core Business
  • Advising on Debt Financing and Equity Management and Participation

Tax, Compliance & Management Services

  • Tax Services Facilitate Companies To Support Tax Planning and VAT Planning
  • Compliance Services Facilitate Tax, Legal and Central Bank Requirements Including Regulatory Filings and Other Statutory Obligations

You can know more about Siri Advisory at

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