Tax Administration of Costa Rica Hacked by Russian Group

Conti, a Russian based group has made an attack via ransomware to the servers of the Costa Rican tax administration, as they themselves have stated in twitter, due this attack they have published they own about one therabyte (1000 gygabytes) worth of sensitive information stolen from the servers of the Costa Rican government, this also has involved institutions as CCSS (Social security of CR), INVU (Home & living institute), MEP (National education ministry) and some other institutions. Due this event the tax administration, along the other institutions has decided to turn off their servers leaving very important services unable to be accessed by the users, like the online portal of the tax administration, for filing tax forms and doing tax related paperwork, this system is also linked with the national registry of CR which has disabled some of it’s main services in order to prevent the attack to be expanded. The costarican government has informed that they are forming a consultancy group along international experts to deal with the issue, this could take weeks or even months, they have lifted some of the current deadlines due the users are not able to comply with their material and/or formal responsabilities.

A ransomware is a virus that gets into the servers and/or equipments connected to the internet through multiple sources, often hidden into attachments in emails, the virus installs itself silently and stays there silently encrypting data for long periods of time, then when all files are encrypted the sender takes control of those files and requires a amount in crypto currency in exchange for restoring the files to it’s original state.

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