Costa Rican Government Approved New Hemp (CBD) & Medicinal Cannabis Regulation in Costa Rica

On august 24th, 2022, the Costa Rican president signed the new law 19256 for the regulation of the medical and therapeutic usage of marihuana and hemp in it’s different versions for the alimentary and industrial usage, this law is expected to produce a positive effect in the economy looking for contributing to its reactivation with the creation of new business opportunities, new work sources, attraction to new investors and promotion of the exporting offer to other countries.

With this extended rulement the governments is expecting to clarify and set the rules for the commercialization of the products that include hemp, and medicinal marihuana and the regulation for the production and submission of agricultural permits to legally produce both plants in the country which would be .

In the weekly conference the president has stated that the government of Costa Rica will not be selling licences to the farmers and will only provide authorization for producing, eliminating the monopolies that exist in other countries where the companies and individuals that enter in the cultivation and production of cannabis and hemp based product have to pay expensive licenses for the usage of certain seeds, those are free to be imported from foreign countries as long as they comply with the requirements established by the fitosanitary division of the health ministry.

Download The Bylaws Here

In coming posts from ConsultantsCR we will be going deeper in this important matter regarding the procedures that need followed in order to grant the authorization from the government, the institutions where the paperwork will need filed and also where and how to get and/or import the seeds for the cultivation in Costa Rica.

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