Update on Cyber Attacks to CR Government

The continuous cyber attacks to the institutions of the Costa Rica government has been in the news and every media for the last 2 months, after the president announced that they will never pay for any rescue of information the attacks started to expand to other institutions as the CCSS, the costarican institute for social security, this not only paralized the cashflow of the central government but the social security of the country.

After a big struggle to find the best way to resolve the problem and get the systems back online on both the tax administration and then the socia security, in the middlle of a dramatic government transition where Rodrigo Chavez, the new president of Costa Rica elected in 2022, a figure of sharpness and ethics internationally due his work on the United Nations, World Bank and other international entities, took the steering wheel of the country for good but with lots of traditional politics and supporters of the traditional parties against him. With his hands in the government many public employees will lose their job due his promissing fight against corruption and impulse to more eficient government structure, including the majority of the national news channels and other related media.

Finally at the beginning of june, the new minister assigned requested an inventory of the damages caused and they a plan for the restablishment of the systems that went from the tax declaration systems to the custom paperwork online portals that allowed the importers and exporters to file their requirements easily and those systems were over 5 weeks down. They restablished their most important functions by June 14th, 2022 and will keep working on other accesory systems along the way for the rest of the month, tax wise this marked the line to the return to the normality for the costa rican tax payers.

Similar happened in CCSS, where they were in charged of restablishing their systems to normal, but it took them about two weeks managing to have their most important functions back on track on the 21st of June.

This means that now the taxes can be filed and paid online and also the social security can be reported and paid online again.

What is going to happen with the outstanding requirements, here’s a quick schedule that the tax administration and the social security has set for the tax payers and employeers to comply with no penalties:

VAT Tax Forms

  • Mach can be filed/paid from June 20th to June 24th, 2022, originally april 15th
  • April can be filed/paid from June 27th to July 1st, 2022, originally may 15th
  • May can be filed/paid from July 04th to July 08th, 2022, originally june 15th

D-101 Form for Inactive Corporation (Known as Asset Declaration)

  • The new deadline for filing this will be August 15th, 2022, originally march 15th

Shareholders Registry (UBO Equivalent in US)

  • The new deadline for filing this was June 30th, 2022, originally april 30th

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