New Costa Rican Visa For Digital Nomad-Remote Workers

The new government of Costa Rica, lead by Rodrigo Chavez, president elected in 2022 has approved a new law that allows foreigns to obtain a VISA to freely work in the country for one year and can be extended for another 12 months after filing an extension if you can prove you have been in the country for at least 180 days.

This Digital Nomad VISA “DNV”, has been designed for remote workers, business owners and freelancers that are looking for a stay and work in Costa Rica for longer time periods than 3 months that is the current amount of time that a foreign holding a passport can stay freely in the country without leaving and returning back so the 90 day count starts over. The remote workers that acquire this VISA will not have to pay any taxes in the country as long as they comply with the requirements from the regulation, also they will be able to open bank accounts in Costa Rican banks and use the driver’s licence from their original countries.

The requirements for obtaining the Costa Rican work VISA are:

  • Minimum stable income of US $3,000.00 per month for single applicants and US $4,000.00 for families.
  • You have to work for a foreign company outside of Costa Rica, own a business or work as a freelancer with clients from another companies.
  • Paying the corresponding stamps and application rights.
  • Having a permanent health insurance.
  • Proof of accomodation for the stay (reservation, rental agreement or equivalent).
  • Employement contract and a letter from your employer.
  • Copy of your bank statements.
  • Filling out the VISA application form.

It’s very important to mention that the DNV is not a work VISA, you are able to work for companies outside of Costa Rica, but if you are looking for working for a Costa Rican company then you will need a work VISA.

You can obtain more information at the official website of the migration office of Costa Rica in the VISA section.

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