All About Capital Gain Tax In Costa Rica

About the Capital Gain Tax in Costa Rica The capital is taxed in Costa Rica when a profit is generated during the sale of an asset, the difference between the acquisition and the sale value will represent the amount to be taxed by the Costa Rican government. The capital income is divided on the followingContinue reading “All About Capital Gain Tax In Costa Rica”

Costa Rican Taxes 101

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR TAXES IN COSTA RICA? The Costa Rican tax administrator in Costa Rica is ¬®Ministerio de Hacienda¬®, this institution is divided in three grand departments which are the DGT (General Tax Administration), DGH (Tax Administration), DGA (General Customs Administration). There are tax administration branches in certain strategic placesContinue reading “Costa Rican Taxes 101”