Why The Dollar Vrs Costa Rican Colon Has Decreased Considerably In Last Weeks

Source Central Bank of Costa Rica The reduction from the last weeks in the exchange between the Dollar and the Costa Rican Colon has brought the price very close to the same price of 2021 as of the current date, this is something that will affect the operation of the individuals and companies that makeContinue reading “Why The Dollar Vrs Costa Rican Colon Has Decreased Considerably In Last Weeks”

Tax On Luxury Homes in Costa Rica

Many of our clients regularly request us information about how what are the brackets that make property owners to be subject to luxury tax for their homes in Costa Rica and what are the rates for it, how should it be declared and how often and other important questions about this tax. For all thoseContinue reading “Tax On Luxury Homes in Costa Rica”

New Deadline Extension (D-101 Form for Inactive Corporations)

Last week, the tax administration informed that they have extended the deadline to comply with the filing of the D-101 form for inactive corporations, now the corporation owners that haven’t complied with this mandatory requirement have until November 15th, 2022 to file this mandatory form. The D-101 Form for inactive corporations, also known as theContinue reading “New Deadline Extension (D-101 Form for Inactive Corporations)”

Costa Rican Taxes 101

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR TAXES IN COSTA RICA? The Costa Rican tax administrator in Costa Rica is ¨Ministerio de Hacienda¨, this institution is divided in three grand departments which are the DGT (General Tax Administration), DGH (Tax Administration), DGA (General Customs Administration). There are tax administration branches in certain strategic placesContinue reading “Costa Rican Taxes 101”