New tax form for inactive corporations due march 15th, 2022

The original deadline for this requirement was on march 15th 2021, the Tax Admin. has defined March 15th, 2022 as the final deadline for this requirement, with this change corporations that were created before 2022 will need filling this requirement for two fiscal períods (2021-2022) According to the tax Administration, March 15th, 2022 will beContinue reading “New tax form for inactive corporations due march 15th, 2022”

Check Out This Article About #CostaRica

The following post was published by “La Nacion”, a Costa Rican famous paperwork, it shows the progress made by CR in attracting and providing value for foreign investor firms and individuals, you can read the full article in the link below:

Costa Rican Taxes 101

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR TAXES IN COSTA RICA? The Costa Rican tax administrator in Costa Rica is ¨Ministerio de Hacienda¨, this institution is divided in three grand departments which are the DGT (General Tax Administration), DGH (Tax Administration), DGA (General Customs Administration). There are tax administration branches in certain strategic placesContinue reading “Costa Rican Taxes 101”