Shareholder Registry Due April 30th 2022

The shareholder registry was created by the Central Bank and handled by the Tax Administration of Costa Rica

Any corporation in Costa Rica should file this requirement in order to avoid sanctions, the shareholder registry was implemented by the Central Bank of Costa Rica through the Tax Administration in 2019 and suspender Due Covid 19 in 2020 and this year is being required again to be complete by any corporation owner in the country.

The owner of the corporation that files this requirement needs to have a digital signature if plans to file himself, the second option is through a power of attorney for a person who can file it on behalf of the shareholder, a POA allows the accountant or attorney to file this requirement.

If you would like to know more about this procesos you can send us an email to or contacto us on whatsapp. In Consultants CR we are accounting and Financial providers.

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  1. […] Shareholders Registry is a requirement created by the Tax Administration and the Central Bank of Costa Rica, the process […]

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