Costa Rica Alliance

Starting on october 2022, ConsultantsCR Advisory Group became the authorized representative of EGCM for Costa Rica, now investors can open their accounts with EGCM from Costa Rica and become part of the family of investors of EGCM around the globe.

About EGCM Emirate Global Capital Markets

Emirate Global Capital Markets is a hedge fund management company with over 4 years of existance with over 3 million investors as of november 2022, their main approach is the development of investments on value-add commercial real estate that provides an appealing combination of risk and returns.

EGCM Investors rely on assets owned 100% by EGCM through Central and North America, with emphasis on residential apartments, wharehouse rentals, short-term home rentals, office spaces, industrial buildings, tourism, event centers, and long-term property leases. A portion of the funds in the growth of businesses and startups, infrastructure, renewable energy and private equities while building long-term relationships with clients from all over the globe.

About REIT – Real Estate Investment Funds

A REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust is a group of investment in inmobiliary assets, where there is a trust who’s the owner of the assets and the income coming out of those assets fundamentally from the lease of the mentioned is distributed along the investors of the trust. The REIT part of EGCM are part of NAREIT, which is the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, an association with head quarters in Washington DC, that represents a big and diverse industry that includes investment funds in real estate and mortgages, public and privates.

See current properties part of EGCM

About EGCM Company Goals

One of the biggest strenghts of EGCM is the technology involved in the process, people and the products, the data technologies are always embedded in the company and it’s internal and external departments and also the interaction with the customers and their portal access for monitoring their investments.

You can find more information about EGCM and their investment products contact us through our email or our direct whatsapp number +1 917 9938055

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